Pizza time

Pizza is not something I eat a lot but now and then... yeah, when you want an easy quick bite. Never made it myself though. And watching several video's I think it is not that difficult. Just the time to let the dough rise and the baking time. Useful to have are these: a pizza peel and a pizza stone.  Once you mastered the "art of making" dough, it's easy to experiment with any topping you like. Endless varations. IMHO... the less the better. I like...hmm... mozzarella, basil, tiny bit of chillies, pecorino, capers, artichokes, oregano, rosemary, onions, olives, salami (pepperoni), prosciutto, anchovy, parmesan, blue cheese, tomato, tuna,(but.. to choose from, not all on one pizza, lol). Also perfect for Meatless Monday!

Pizza stone
Pizza Peel

The most important part: How to make the dough! Here are some of the demonstrations I studied.

Suzan's Cooking School

Laura Vitale

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To be continued for more links!