Bean soup (Priya)

For 3-4 people

100 gm white beans (you can get a pot from the Natuur winkel which are pretty good, or soak the dry ones overnight)
250 gms sperziebonen (green beans) I would add a bit more if you like them
250 gms potatoes
4 tomatoes

  • 1 bouillon tablet or powder
  • 1 (or 2) cloves of garlic
  • Some thyme
  • 3 spoons of basil (fresh) or more if you like
  • 1 spoon olive oil
  • 100-150 gms grated cheese (you can also use parmesan)
Soak white beans overnight (if you are not using them from a pot) and to it add the veggies. If you are using white beans from a pot, then you can start with cooking the green beans, potatoes, tomatoes bouillon tablet and enough water to cover the veggies. Add salt to taste. Cook till the veggies are soft and rinse the white beans from the pot before adding them to the soup towards the last 5 minutes of cooking time.

In a pestle and mortar grind basil, thyme, oil, garlic to a smooth paste (or use an electric grinder). Just before serving add this to the soup (leave it for a few minutes off the heat). When serving soup in the bowl, add grated cheese on top.

You can make the soup the day before, and if so make the herb mixture only on the day you are serving the soup.