Nigella Lawson picknick

I just watched the gorgeous Nigella Lawson. I'm a big fan of her. Love her laidback attitude with food and also to see her enjoy eating all the goodies she made. And to be honest...perfect example how you still can look absolutely gorgeous with a plus size. In short..what I can remember what I saw (had no pen and paper while watching). It was picknickfood.

In a baking tray, chicken, garlic (unpeeled), thyme, lemon, oliveoil, pepper, salt. foil... in the oven. Last  20 min remove foil.

6 small lettuces... I believe it was the crispy roman salad. Also in a baking tray, pour over some chicken broth, thyme, pepper, salt, oliveoil, cover with foil... and in the oven.

Small lambchops, remove the fat. Place them between the plastic foil and whack with a rolling pin. Important. The meat must be on roomtemperature. Whisk 2 eggs. Make your own breadcrum (really easy and so much better), some grated cheese. Then roll it in the egg mixture, the breadcrumbs... and fry it for a couple of minutes... Hmm... delish.

Also saw her put fresh pineapple slices on the barbecue. To go with this chocolate sauce. But... not really my cup of tea.

For drinks. Some sort of cocktail with fresh lemons, liqueur, icecubes... and mix. Hmm... looked very very sour.