Collard Greens

A veggie recipe of Michael's Home Cooking (freitasex). Asked him upfront if it was ok to post it here. Collard green was new to me, so when I used Google Translate it came up with "boerenkool" which in fact is kale. But according to Michael that is not what it is (also didn't recognize kale in the vid) but it looks more like turnips. Anyway... I like the recipe. Nice winterdish with boiled potatoes (or mash) on the side. Ow yeah.. never seen the smoked turkey and smoked ham here as well. Think US is blessed with a lot of ingredients (recently spoke with someone on Twitter about the awesome foodstores I visit in New York, Dean and Deluca.. not sure if this is the name, but oh boy, mouthwatering). Thanks chef Michael.

Ow... I know see that it is served with Corn Bread.. Hm, actually good idea to make that.