Perfect Dressing

No idea if I wrote this down before (always forget to check my archives), but if I did, ignore this post. Anyway... yesterday I saw in the supermarkt some small bottles with dressing specials, believe it's called excellent toppings. That reminded me of my plans to come up with the perfect dressing. A good dressing is essential for me. I will NEVER buy ready made dressings.... cuz it's simple to make and taste so much better   (how do I know? well long ago I tried a ready made dressing... ya,  being lazy). Furthermore, the owner of Swags The Hague, uses de-lish dressings for his salads and it is a SECRET. I am trying to figure out what he is using, but with everything I come up with he says NO, hahahah.. Very intriging!

So I am just writing down some ingredients to experiment with. Nothing special. Wanna make normal dressing as well as oriental dressings (or must I say asian taste.?)

Dressing ingredients
Worchestershire sauce - garlic - lemon - ginger - Madera - sherry - lime - horseradish - fishsauce - oystersauce - orangejuice - honey - soy sauce - chilli's - brown sugar - chinese five spices - thyme - oregano - cilantro - raspberry vinegar - rice vinegar - pepper - coarse salt - olive oil - balsamico - chili oil - shaoshing  wine - dyon mustard - tomate paste - truffles - parmezan - pecorino - basil - mint - pine kernels - sour cream - mayonaise -

The Salad ingredients
Cucumber - couscous - nuts - chicory - avocado - goat cheese - rucola - spinach - sweet potato - peas - tomato - croutons - anchovy - tuna - grilled beef - sprouts - little bit of fruit for the color like strawberries - grilled zucchini/eggplant - radish - roquefort - beetroot - celery - mushrooms - red onions - chickpeas - corn

TO BE CONTINUED (I am sure I am forgetting some)

Ceasar Salad Dressing
Greek Salad Dressing
Homemade vinaigrette
Perfect Vinaigrette