Middle Eastern Majadra

Great, another foodtip via Twitter. He send me the following.

For now I didn't change anything. Perhaps when I tried it myself.. (I usually  adjust recipes to my own taste).

Vegetarian version of Middle Eastern Majadra


Omit rice and substitute lean or extra lean ground beef, turkey, lamb or venison. I'm used to the beef version. If using can lentils retain the liquid from the lentils to enale coarse cracked wheat to expand rather than adding water.

Add plan yogurt (Greek or Balkan style) to Majadra and blend into hot Majadra. Eat with Syrian or pita bread accordingly.4\

Lifit - a pickled turnip garnish eaten with Majadra

The following should yield reasonable representation of the version of Majadra I've enjoyed for decades:

I'll look around for the recipe written out by my mother decades ago, but it's not typically made with absolute quantities of onions, beef, coarse cracked wheat and [canned] lentils. The amount of each is influenced by the amount made. Two or three [yellow] onions caramelized, brown half to 3/4 kilo of beef, salt & pepper to taste, olive oil to brown onions; Add (No 3?) coarse cracked wheat or bulgar two cups dry using liquid from canned lentils to expand and soften bulgar. Simmer 20 to 30 minutes, then add two cans of lentils and blend to covered pot ingredients (onion, meat, bulgar, aforementioned liquid) and leave to simmer with cover for 15 minutes.

An alternate to the yogurt is a salad made with [yellow] onions (15%), celery(15%), cucumber (25%) and tomatoes (45%). Add a liberal amount of salt, a generous drizzle or two of extra virgin olive oil and the juice of half to one lemon. Blend the ingredients and the flavour is better after it sits for a half an hour. This can be done while the Majadra is cooking. Enjoy...