I have seen it so many times in movies (The Green Mile) and also YT, blogs etc etc. Really have to try it myself. Seems quick and easy.

Because I am always interested in the differences of - specialy the classic recipes - how people make it I will add more video's and written recipes I've found on internet.

Start with Joy of Baking. Love her recipe demonstrations. She is (think I mentioned this before) so precise in what to Two tablespoons of butter, that is 28 gram. She never forgets to mention that. Nice. And as she mentions in the vid.. lots of varations to add to the batter (herbs, jalapeno etc).

If I look at the pictures on the net it should be - preferrably - made in a cast iron pan/skillet.

I also saw a recipe with no use of eggs and sugar. Interesting. The recipe was given to her by her grandmother and the result looks very good.

BTW.. read some comments on YT. People pointing out that recipes from the south are the real thing.. using no milk (but buttermilk) and no sugar. A simple recipe but people do have their "own methods". Kinda lol, when they use "the best cornbread recipe" as a title. I added the link of Wikipedia to read some background information.

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