Custard Pudding

I found a new channel with some interesting recipe's. It's a Japanese channel, the cook (lady) speaks only Japanese, but luckily they have a voice-over Francis. So far I've seen two or three vids and the lady is a very experienced cook. The name of the channel is Cooking with the Dog.... cuz there is a dog (poodle) sitting right beside her, sitting very patiently, hahaha. Ok, see the vid below. I have seen many recipe's (mostly called flan) but never the way she is doing it. Quite different. And simple!


Ingredients for Custard Pudding (serves 4)

- Caramel - 4 tbsp Sugar 1 tbsp Water 1½~2 tbsp Hot Water

- Egg Mixture - 2 Eggs 250ml Milk (8.45 fl oz) 5 tbsp Sugar

130ml Pudding Molds (4.4 fl oz) Unsalted Butter